American MotorSport specializes in custom tuning for most Ford/Lincoln/Mercury and GM applications.

We have been in the performance and tuning industry for over 20 years.

Our main focus is EFI tuning, specializing in mail-order and remote tuning.

We use the most up to date software and hardware, which results in the best possible tune.

We offer custom performance tuning, handheld PCM flash devices, and direct PCM re-flash for Ford cars & trucks.

We also carry performance products and upgrades such as fuel system upgrades, superchargers, exhaust, pulleys, and other products to improve your car or truck.  

Through the years, we have compiled an extensive database resulting from dynoruns and data on just about every combination.  

With real-world data gathered from, cars we have worked on, we can get your tune closer than most, on the first try. 

We can tune the most difficult combinations, even with e-mail tunes, with exacting precision. 

We make changes others do not, resulting in optimal driveability.

All of our custom programs are made-to-order.

Please contact us for YOUR tuning needs. 

We have been tuning since the year 2000, and made headlines early on.

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